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Leaders are under pressure to show new types of leadership. Macho and top-down leadership styles are less in demand and are therefore becoming less effective. The days of permanent and simple solutions are over; stability and predictability have all but evaporated. The fast-changing, complex, sometimes even irrational context requests agility from leaders, which is paradoxically based on a solid foundation of authenticity and core values.

ELP aims to inspire and facilitate leaders in their journey towards new leadership. We offer a safe haven that invites sharing of insights and experiences with peers from a wide variety of industries. At ELP, leaders can step away from the daily turmoil and take time and space to reflect on multidimensional themes at the intersection of their lives as a professional and a human being. They are challenged by peers to consider new solutions, invited to be curious and consider new angles to familiar issues or sometimes are confirmed in what they already knew. They will often go home with new ideas that are theirs to implement in their own time and manner. The combination of our approach and network make ELP a unique leadership platform.

"The unexamined life is not worth living." Socrates
"Managers live boot camps every day of their lives. What they need is to slow down and reflect." Henry Mintzberg